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Patt Karr

“After flying my plane for more than 30 hours I have found I was completely correct in my initial opinion of its performance and quality. Your perfect service has assured me that I choose wisely from among the composite LSA seaplane offerings. I could not be happier”

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Joep Paternostre

Joep Paternostre

See new owner Joep Paternostre as he takes delivery of his Turbo Super Petrel LSA today and heads home to Waynesboro VA.

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See the Super Petrel LS in Action

The Super Petrel LS is an amphibious biplane with flight qualities of a low wing, cruise speed of a regular upper wing, easy and safe flying. It has robust structure and corrosion resistance and simplicity of systems. The Super Petrel LS utilizes the Rotax engine models 912 ULS, 912 iS and 914 UL, with digital panel.

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The Super Petrel LS is fully-loaded with great features to give you the best flying experience.