Our Aircraft The Super Petrel LS

With over 20 years of continuous improvements, 366 aircrafts flying around the world (24 registered in the US), the Super Petrel LS biplane is a proven design, providing smooth forgiving stalls, excellent stability and comfort, incredible short takeoff and landing distances from land or water, precise handling at slow speeds and extremely stable crosswind landings.

Flying the Super Petrel LS is simply PURE FUN!


PERFORMANCE (ISA)Rotax 912iS Sport
Max Cruise Speed100 (kt)
VNE 113 (kt)
Stall Speed 35 (kt)
Max Climb Rate1000 (ft/min)
Glide Ratio10:1
Service Ceiling12000 (ft)
Take Off (ground/water)262/394(ft)
Landing (ground/water)394/328(ft)
Endurance (hours)06:00


Typical Weight810 lb
Useful Load620 lb
Gross Weight *land operations only*1430 lb
Load Factor (G)4 / -2


Cabin Width46 inches
Baggage (Load)66 lb
Length 20.83 (ft)
Height 8.30 (ft)
Wing Span 29.20 (ft)
Wing Area 161.46 (ft²)
Landing Gear Tricycle/Retractable

The Super Petrel LS

proven design - Top of Super Petrel Biplane

Efficient lift thru narrow wings with short cord line

Front of Super Petrel Biplane - proven design

Lower wing is down low helping accelerate to climb airspeed quickly

Sponsons are attached to high strength structure

Side of Super Petrel Biplane - proven design

Lower wing effectively shields the prop from water spray