About Super Petrel USA Inc.


Where We've Been

There is much misinformation floating around the web regarding the history of the Super Petrel and its design lineage. In fact, the Super Petrel has had only two models in its lineage, the Super Petrel 100 and the latter Super Petrel LS; the former appearing in 2002, and the second variation, the Super Petrel LS, being released in 2008. These aircraft were designed from the ground up as composite (carbon fiber airframes, carbon Kevlar fuselage/hulls), using modern materials, engineering, and manufacturing techniques, with covered wings, high aspect ratio, narrow chord wings, separate sponsons, and 100hp Rotax 912 engines.

What We're Doing Today

Our Sales, Aircraft Assembly and Parts Distribution Center were opened on January 2016 at Ormond Beach Municipal Airport in Ormond Beach, Florida. Come to see us there and schedule a demo flight with our pilots.

Where We Are Going

In order to explore sales potential in the US, Super Petrel USA Inc has appointed dealers in the Upper Midwest and in the Southwest regions at this time and will seek additional qualified dealers in the future.


Don't wait any longer to experience the pure fun of flight. Call us today to demo the Super Petrel LS.